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Mocha Pro 2019 V6.0.3.29 X64 Crack

Mocha Pro 2019 v6.0.3.29 x64: A Powerful Tool for Visual Effects and Post-Production

Mocha Pro is a software that provides advanced tools for motion tracking, rotoscoping, object removal, stabilization, lens calibration, and more. It is used by professionals in the film, television, and advertising industries to create stunning visual effects and enhance the quality of their footage. Mocha Pro 2019 v6.0.3.29 x64 is the latest version of this software, which was released in April 2023. In this article, we will review some of the features, improvements, and fixes that this version offers.

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GPU Accelerated Remove Module

One of the most notable features of Mocha Pro 2019 v6.0.3.29 x64 is the GPU accelerated remove module. This module allows users to remove unwanted objects or elements from their shots, such as wires, rigs, logos, reflections, etc. The remove module uses planar tracking and temporal frame analysis to create clean plates that blend seamlessly with the background. The GPU acceleration speeds up the rendering process significantly, especially for high-resolution footage and complex scenes. The remove module also supports illumination modeling, which adjusts the lighting and shading of the removed area to match the surrounding environment. This feature can produce more realistic results and save time on manual adjustments.

Improved Masking and Roto Tools

Mocha Pro 2019 v6.0.3.29 x64 also introduces some improvements to the masking and roto tools. These tools allow users to create and edit masks and shapes that can be used for isolating areas of interest, applying effects, or exporting data to other applications. The new spline creation tools include magnetic spline with edge snapping, freehand spline tool, ellipse, and rectangle tools. These tools make it easier and faster to draw accurate and smooth splines that follow the contours of the objects in the shot. The new tools also support keyboard shortcuts and modifier keys for quick access and editing. Additionally, Mocha Pro 2019 v6.0.3.29 x64 has a redesigned interface that features a Mocha Essentials workspace with a streamlined user interface. This workspace simplifies the workflow and makes planar tracking more accessible and intuitive for beginners and experts alike.

Mocha Pro and Mocha VR Combined

Another feature of Mocha Pro 2019 v6.0.3.29 x64 is that it combines Mocha Pro and Mocha VR into one product. Mocha VR was a separate product that provided specialized tools for working with 360-degree video and virtual reality content. Now, Mocha Pro users can access all the features of Mocha VR within the same software. This means that users can perform planar tracking, object removal, stabilization, horizon stabilization, reorienting, nadir patching, and more on spherical video footage. Mocha Pro 2019 v6.0.3.29 x64 also supports high-resolution screen displays and has improved EXR read/write performance.


Mocha Pro 2019 v6.0.3.29 x64 is a powerful tool for visual effects and post-production that offers many features and improvements over previous versions. It has a GPU accelerated remove module that can eliminate unwanted objects from shots with ease and realism. It has improved masking and roto tools that can create and edit splines faster and more accurately. It also combines Mocha Pro and Mocha VR into one product that can handle both standard and spherical video footage with advanced tools. Mocha Pro 2019 v6.0.3.29 x64 is a must-have software for anyone who wants to create stunning visual effects and enhance their footage quality.


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